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Jiangsu Youmiao Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the construction of environmental protection projects, sponge city construction projects, River and water environment ecological comprehensive treatment projects, urban sewage treatment projects, soil remediation projects and environmental remediation projects; environmental protection equipment, industrial waste recovery and treatment system equipment, noise treatment equipment, filtration and purification equipment, disinfection equipment, fermentation equipment, etc. Manufacture and sale of waste incinerator, sewage treatment equipment, rainwater recovery and utilization equipment, waste heat recovery and energy-saving equipment; research and development, manufacture, sale, technology transfer and technical service of environmental protection intelligent equipment.

Especially in the industrial hazardous waste, municipal solid waste disposal, industrial waste gas, dust treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, large-scale domestic waste incineration treatment, river pollution control, contaminated soil and mine ecosystem restoration and other engineering projects, relying on experts and consultants from relevant institutions, with rich technical experience, the use of physicochemical and microbial integrated technology, in river water environment treatment, the use of biological bacteria Biofilm, biological particles, ecological floating islands, various aquatic plants and other water environment treatment, in sewage treatment, continuous development of modular intelligent sewage treatment equipment and other products. According to the different needs of environmental treatment, we should provide as many resources as possible to utilize supporting technologies, reduce secondary pollution and recycle.

In the construction of new countryside, in the fields of rural River environment, park landscape water body, black and odor River treatment, in-situ incineration and disposal of rural domestic refuse, livestock and poultry breeding wastewater treatment project, and integrated treatment of domestic sewage of government units, a complete management system has been formed in research, design, construction service, maintenance and management.

We always take the clean environment as our responsibility, in accordance with the relevant national environmental standards, constantly develop new environmental protection products to meet various environmental needs of society, and make contributions to the green mountains and green waters and the protection of the blue sky.

—— Providing solutions for environmental governance and ecological restoration

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